White Magic Healing Spells

White Magic Healing Spells
White magic is magic that’s performed for beneficial purposes and it doesn’t intend to cause injury to anybody . White magic is spell casting for operation of certain activities that are thoughtful in nature, where magic is filled with curses aimed to hurt another. Magic that’s used to do acts, or that draws on forces is called black magic. White magic is used to bring rain, to stop a storm or to find love, like healing a sick person. People who call themselves priestesses, wizards or witch doctors practice white magic. White magic focuses on using oils, spells, amulets, talismans and charms to find a desire, and on performing rites and rituals.

A rite of magic has four measures. The magician- the magician or the priestess – places himself in a God or Goddess existence. Then he chants the spells as they’re written in a book of shadows. The magician performs some activities representing the outcome of the ritual, the rite is conducted. Activities placing one’s hands on any actions or the person or are sprinkling water so as to find rain. The person who needs the object is given an amulet, a talisman, potions or candles when the rite is completed by the magician. The confidence their desires will come true and which they’re charged with magic is given with potions the charms and so on.

To acquire the desirable outcome or object, white magical has to be performed with good intentions, a pure heart and a clear mind. The herbs and potions used should also be made to perfection. Spells must be chanted in a precise manner for them to work. That is a safety net for all the magicians because if all the outcome isn’t achieved, one of those factors can be blamed for all the failure. If however, the desire is accomplished, there’s no means to prove if it was a coincidence or the impact of magic. Magic .

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