Spells And Potions

Spells And Potions
Accio – Latin for I summon.”. Alohomora – Derived from the Aloha meaning goodbye, as well as the Latin word mora, meaning obstacle.” . Amortentia – Amor is the Latin word for love, and tentia comes from tentare, which indicates the invention of an effort, the managing of, or the attack on. Consequently, the managing of love, making an effort to love, or the attack on love” . Anapneo – In Greek, anapneo means I breathe” . Aparecium – From uncover, lay bare, the Latin word aperio, meaning to uncover, or create apparere or clear, meaning to create clear. It is spelled with just one p, possibly due to apertus which indicates open, public” .

Arithmancy – A method of fortune telling based on mathematical calculations, numbers, and names. Kedavra sounds like cadaver, which suggests corpse.”. Avis – Latin for bird.”. B – Bezoar – A bezoar is a ball of material that is indigestable which are available in the stomach of creatures that are certain, most especially the so bezoar goat. And it was considered a bezoar could function as an antidote for poisons. Bluebottle – A kind of bothersome fly with iridescent body and a hype.

In addition a small, blue jellyfish. After strong winds and their sting is quite painful they look on beaches. Boomslang – Among the components there is a boomslang in fact a snake. Boomslangs live in trees along with bushes along with feed on small creatures and bird eggs. They’re greenish to brown or dark colored and grow to about 1.5 m long. Most members of the family to which the boomslang belongs are harmless, but the boomslang has a powerful poison which it delivers through large, deeply grooved fangs which are located at the back of the mouth. The bite of the boomslang could be fatal.

Bubotuber pus – Tuber describes which the bubotuber is a plant, which extends perpendicularly into the soil. Bubos is an English term for an inflamed, tender swelling of a lymph node, particularly in the area of the axilla or groin. The object can be a stick to tie to the limb or a cover of plaster. Fidelius – In Latin, fidelis is the relative form of fidelis. Therefore, meaning an individual who’s more faithful, devoted, loyal, earnest, true, trustworthy, dependable, reliable, constant or lasting.”. Fiendfyre literally translates, fiend as enemy, fyre as an Old English spelling of fire. Finite Incantatem – Incantatem might be related to the Latin Incantationem, which suggests incantation. Together the phrase translates as Stop the incantation!”. G – H – Horcrux – Horcrux when broken down in several languages means off the cross. This is consistent using the very unholy nature of producing one, and why it’s stricken from the pages in a lot of textbooks.

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