Have you ever heard about the “Illuminanti?” Are you unsure who they are? Do you want to know more about the Illuminati? The Illuminanti is a secret organization that has existed for hundreds of years and is said to rule the world. But what about their family values? Who was the founder? This post will answer all of those questions.

The Illuminati is one of the most secretive organizations to ever exist. For centuries, no one was able to find out much information of them aside from how the organization came to be in the first place. Luckily today, we have been able to secure a bit more information. However, many people are still in the dark about the origins of the Illuminanti or what their organization stands for. In order to understand the way that the Illumination  functions today, it’s crucial that you understand its origins. If you don’t know who started the organizations or why, how could you find out who is in the Illuminanti today or how you could join yourself? The answer is simple: you couldn’t. If you want to learn more about the Illuminanti, you’re in the right place. 

Illuminati family

When it comes to knowing who exactly is in the Illumination, we’re mostly out of luck. Due to the secretive nature of the Illuminati, it’s hard to pinpoint present-day celebrities or politicians who are Illuminati members. However, the Illuminati family is extensive. There are certain lists of rules and manners that all Illumination members need to follow. One of these rules is that no one finds out you’re in the Illuminanti. However, speculation has risen about certain families. Some of the rumored Illumination family members are the Astor family and the Kennedy family.

Illuminati founder

The Illuminanti founder is one of the few bits of information about the Illuminati that isn’t kept top secret. In fact, the way in which the Illumination began is also regarded as common knowledge. The name of the Illuminanti founder was Adam Weishaupt. He lived in Bavaria (present-day Germany) and was a professor. In 1776, Weishaupt held the very first meeting for the Illuminanti. In essence, the Illumination is an organization seeking “illumination” and the ability to be free thinking. At the time, knowledge was only considered true and pure if it came directly from the church. Weishaupt was fed up with this system and thus created an underground brotherhood for those who opposed the regime.

Illuminati form

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Illumination yourself, there’s good news! Rumor has it that there is an Illumination form which works as an application into the secret organization. This Illuminati form can be found for free on several websites, as word got out about the ways for normal people like us to become a permanent Illuminanti member.

Illuminati form to fill

The Illuminati form to fill is the only way to request access into the secretive Illumination. Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to be in the inner circle? Those who are Illuminanti members are said to control 99% of the wealth in the world. How incredible would it be to sit across from rumored Illumination members like Jay-Z just because you completed an Illumination form to fill?

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